Rams lose 2-1 to Thunder, miss playoffs.

It was a close match with great goaltending on both sides. 3D or 3 lines, that was the question. Oh, and Flood had to serve 10 minutes to start the game for his Gordie Howe hat-trick vs. the Zeebs. The Thunder scored a shorty. Skinny Dr.Bumba tied it up with a nifty stuffer early in the 2nd. The 3rd period saw some more confusion after Hairy Golfballs ejected Stossel for getting sticked in the face with no penalty. PK unit and Kev stepped up and killed off a partial 5 on 3 to keep the game at 1-1. Knowing that a tie meant a loss, the Rams went on the offense in the 3rd. They pushed, but John Edelman found a loose puck and took it all the way down for the score. Bake is the new GM, I will be assisting him next year. We will look to improve the Rams in 13-14. Good luck to the Thunder, Seravalli & Penguins. Good season! See you at WSC.

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