Yonni Barrios Feels for Rams

In this economy who hasn’t been arrested for indecent exposure. – C. Leonards

Things went south for the Rams right from the get-go. The new speedy talent of the Bandits spun Thor into the ice on his first shift and roofed a shot past Gil who had just returned from Saudi Arabia. Gil had about as much a chance at that one as he did of enjoying a banquet beer bender in Medina.

Meanwhile the Rams were spoiling more opportunities than Lindsay Lohan and ended the first down 2-0. Then things got bad. Real bad. The Rams surrendered  7 goals in the second and were buried deeper than Chilean miner, Yonni Barrios.

In the third it was more of the same but finally the clock began to run and the Rams were vanquished to the locker room on the receiving end of a 11-0 ass-whipping.

How about them Phillies?

Rams regroup against Joey Juneau and the West Chester Thunder Sunday at 4:30pm.

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