Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

I know you’re the biggest Rams fan. And, boy, did you miss a good one. Wednesday night we had the chance to close out the Penguins in our best of three series in the semi-finals. You remember, right, that they finished first and we, fourth. So, we were up one game from winning 3-1 on Sunday. And the Penguins came out “BALLS OF FIRE!”. We were on our heels. They, Dan Berk to be specific, scored on a nice tip. But the Rams didn’t panic. Colin scored next, and we tied it at one. Amos scored and we went up 2-1. Meanwhile, Kev was lights out.

Here’s the great part: I scored to put us up 3-1. Then Frankinpenguin scored to make it 3-2. Then, yep, me again. Where was Bake you ask? Hmmm. Getting slashed in the corner I guess.

Anyway, we won 4-2. On our way to the Championship round. Talk to you later.



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