Be Careful What You Wish For…

A Tuesday Night Tune-up…

Gordie Howe Pride!!!

With impending snow and the early 10:40 PM Tuesday night hockey slot, the Rams were looking to send a message with a win over the Bandits. This contest was back and forth, with the Rams leading 4-2 into the third, when a barrage of horrendous penalties came pouring down onto the Rams. Killing off 4 of 5 consecutive penalties in the last 8 minutes of the third period, the Rams clinched a 4-3 victory. Great goals scored by Dave Kane, Amos, Billy, and Colin.

Colin had an assist too…

What could be next? Could it be???????

Public Enemy wrote a song in the 80’s entitled “Don’t Believe the hype”. Well Chuck D, this was five years in the making, and believe it Son; Welcome to the Terrordome!

Early into the second period, Colin buried Mike Brand (again) at the blue line, spawning anger, rage and a punch to the midsection of the PIM Leader from the well known, tough Canadian. This exchange was quite similar to the last game, and well, the last five years. Two shifts later, IT BEGAN!!!!!!!!!

Tale of the tape:

  • Colin Baker – Big dude who gets a lot of penalties and wears #44
  • Mike Brand – Well known fighter who has kicked a lot of ass over the years and wants Colin

The puck drops, Brand slashes Colin, shoves him, and Colin obliges with a twinkle in his eye as distant as stars and galaxies. As Brand landed a soft right, an “I” beam dropped from ceiling and connected with Brand’s forehead. No wait; that was a left by Colin. As Brand’s knees turned into Jello, Colin’s left hand transformed into the Hammer of Crushing Whispers, quietly pealing back the layers of flesh on the skull that so eagerly wanted this for so long.

As the quarrel moved up against the boards, a ref tried to tackle Colin. One of Brand’s teammates continually shouted, “Let them GO! Let them GO!!!!”. That player had to rethink those statements as the ref let go, and four more daisy cutters opened up the Canadian’s face in a way that you could see when his heart beat by the blood gushing and spraying onto the boards, glass and ice. As Colin truly “eased up” because of the severe punishment the assailant had taken, a finger nail slid under his eye and cut him slightly. Enraged by his own show of backfired mercy, he unveiled one last left that once again, landed so cleanly that the shockwave brought insulation out of ceiling as well as alerted China that the U.S. was testing nuclear missiles in Willow Grove, PA.

As Colin and Mike were separated, it was clear that Mike was now seeing those stars and distant galaxies that he had seen only moments earlier in Colin’s eyes. Staring through a veil of blood only Mick Foley has worn before, Mike proclaimed “You owe me another!” Do you really want another of “that”?

So lift up those drinks boys:

I have seen a lot of NHL and AHL fights, but that was the best fight I have ever seen in my entire life. To the man who did finally step up and said “don’t step up”. Here’s to the Gordie Howe hat trick. Here’s to the only man who has ever walked out of the Rams locker room to a standing ovation, and here’s to a big Rams win…

Here’s to you Colin and the Rams. I don’t know a better way to utilize 10:40 PM on a Tuesday night.

PS – the Red Stag is extra smooth tonight


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