Dan gets the trick, Halligan gives a treat

It was a historic night for the Rams Tuesday as they chased the Wheat Kings starting goalie by posting a 6-spot in the first period. The second got a little tighter as the Wheat Kings debuted their back-up goalie and everybody’s favorite eagle scout Halligan. The Wheat Kings even threw in a Rams ghost from the past, good ol’ “I don’t pass or drink” Terri. In the end, it wasn’t enough. Rams put in 3 on Halligan for the 9-3 win and held Terri to maybe one assist and a bunch of sissy complaints to the refs. Dan had the trick plus an assist to lead with 4 points. Cart had two. MVP continued his 2-game streak. And PiM leader got his minutes at the end just to keep in shape. The Rams are now 3-0 and look to the Blades Sunday at 2:45. Don’t forget to set your clocks back and reclaim that hour of sleep. Also post it here if you’re in.
Beer duty goes to the brothers that prefer their middle names.

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