Peck’s Pond

The picture was taken today so keep your fingers crossed. There is a storm coming in tomorrow so it may all get buried. Brett will be back up there by Thursday night to assess the damage.
Other planned activities:
Face Painting (actually done when one passes out using a sharpie)
Campfire Stories
Directions after the jump.

309 North to 78 East
78 East to 33 North
33 North to 209 North/80 East
209 North/80 East to exit 309 Marshals Creek 209 North
209 North will “dead end” at stoplight about 3 miles after Marshals Creek exit
Turn right at light and make a left at the very next light for 402 North (Mr. Z’s supermarket will be on your right)
Make your next right onto 402 North (about 25 minutes to cabin from here)
You will pass the Inn at Pecks Pond on your right as is the pond itself
Slow the fuck down because my cabin is 4 houses up on the right after you pass the tandem billboards
The sign at the end of the driveway says Al’s Nest and the house has red “siding”,+Porter,+PA&ie=UTF8&z=15&iwloc=addr&om=0&iwstate1=dir

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