Picking A New Favorite Team

Well the Flyers season ended Tuesday night at 9:36. So you may as well pick a new favorite team.
Here’s a guide to some of your closest geographic choices.
New Jersey Devils
Pros: Short drive up the Turnpike. Hall of Fame goaltender and exciting offense plus defensive responsibility. Plenty of good seats still available. Have more to talk to Dowell about.
Cons: They’re the Devils. One day Brodeur will retire and it will all be over. They’re moving to Newark. Face painters.
New York Rangers
Pros: Mike Richter was a Ranger and he played at Wissahickon. You secretly were happy when they won in 1994. You want to chant 1975 at a certain divisional rival.
Cons: Rangers Fans. Jaromir Jagr.
Washington Capitals
Pros: Alexander Ovechkin. No one can accuse you of front-running. Easily accessible home games via Amtrak.
Cons: Traveling to games via Amtrak. No one from Washington is a Caps fan, why should you be one?
New York Islanders
Pros: Owner may ask you to be GM. Long term contract makes you confident in buying DiPietro jersey.
Cons: Garth Snow is GM. They play on Long Island.
PIttsburgh Penguins
Pros: Crosby and Malkin guarantee highlights. New arena likely to be in a casino. You already play for the Penguins.
Cons: Rubbing elbows with Steelers fans. The mills closed.
Buffalo Sabres
Pros: Came within one game of the Stanley Cup Finals and return the same core. Won 9-1 in their last game. Play exciting wide-open hockey. Traditional hockey market with a loyal fan base. A real feel-good story.
Cons: Snow, and lots of it. That stupid new logo.

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