Quick Synopsis of the Tournament

Look for more detail reports tomorrow afternoon after I get into town.
Game 1: Lagerheads 2, Minnesota Boys 1
Game 2: Lagerheads 1, Detroit Boys 2
Too much drinking fogs Lagerhead scoring. For those who were in Montreal last year, we repeated our early Saturday letdown game.
Game 3: Lagerheads 2, San Diego 3
The San Diego team outscored their opponents in the other three games by a combined 19-1. Lagerheads were all tied up with a minute to play, but a tie did them no good so they had to pull the goalie.
Bronze Medal Game: Lagerheads 5, Minnesota Boys 3
Lagerheads were determined to come home with some hardware and as it was noted, the team with the least hungover goaltender would have the advantage.
Great time was had by all, details about the black hookers to follow….

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