Now There Can Be No Doubt

si_bonds.jpgPlausible deniability. It’s long been the tact baseball has taken in regards to Barry Bonds’ alleged steroid use. But with the upcoming book by two San Francisco Chronicle writers and the excerpts in this week’s Sports Illustrated, there can be no doubt. And baseball will have to deal with it’s best hitter being a complete cheat.

The preponderance of evidence is by far the most detailed and damning condemnation that Bonds, formerly a sleek five-tool player, built himself into a hulking, record-setting home run hitter at an advanced baseball age with a cornucopia of elaborate, illegally-administered chemicals.
In addition to detailing the drug usage, the excerpt portrays Bonds as a menacing boor, a tax cheat and an adulterer given to (probably because of the rampant steroid use) sexual dysfunction, hair loss and wild mood swings that included periods of rage. The authors report that Bonds gave Bell (his mistress), with whom he continued his affair after his second marriage in January 1998, $80,000 in cash in 2001 from memorabilia income not reported to the IRS. Theirs was a volatile relationship. Bell retained answering machine recordings of him after he threatened to kill her, remarking that if she disappeared no one would be able to prove he even knew her.

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