Gambling Probe may Reach Wissahickon

Chestnut Hill — While former Philadelphia Flyer Rick Tocchet faces allegations of heading an illegal gambling ring, readers hold their collective breath wondering how deep the probe goes.
A source close to a local men’s league team tells the tale of “Michelle, Andrea, and Shawna” three heavy betters who used to regularly skate at Wissahickon. “They’ve assured me that no bets have been placed on the holiday skates,” said the source. “Thursday night skates and Sundays, too, are clean they assure me.” However, it is widely speculated that Shawna, Andrea, and Mike are quick to bet on things like “Will Bender make an Eddy joke by the second period? Who will score the first goal off of a Booty turnover?” And the one with the most odds … “Which blue line will Aldo trip over?”
Another favorite betting practice is during Kensington Horseshoes. “The stakes get unbelievably high for that,” said the source. “And throwing quarters at parking blocks … that’s huge. Where do they get the money?”
Commissioners are expected to address the problem this spring prior to the draft.

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