Crosby Cherry Picks, Scores

Crosby dashes the Flyers’ hopes

By Today’s standards, most of this game came straight out of a backward parallel universe. Instead of two high-scoring hockey teams notching goals by the handful, the scoreboard showed zeros at the end of two periods. And instead of Pittsburgh rookie star Sidney Crosby acting like the ambassador of the new league, the kid got sent to the box for mouthing off to a referee about what he perceived was a noncall on a high stick.

Ducks Version of Fedorov Wasn’t the Real Fedorov

Sergei, we hardly knew ye.
Matter of fact, we never knew ye.
That’s because the real Sergei Fedorov never showed up in Orange County. The guy who played sporadically here for one brief season plus five games, the same injury-prone multi-millionaire who was shipped to Columbus for a couple of no-names and a few dozen hockey pucks to be named later Tuesday, was a faint facsimile of the six-time All-Star who dominated the game in Detroit.

Clarke calms the trade winds (Ed. Note) A sure sign a trade is coming.

No one is going anywhere for the moment.
Contrary to rumors this week, Flyers general manager Bob Clarke says he’s not looking to move anybody to create roster space and gain ice time for his younger players.

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