Hoagie Does Finances

First Billy and I would like to thank everyone who made Saturday night possible, you know who you are. I think that everyone who attended had an excellent time. For those of you who didn’t make the event, you missed out.
We spent $1,308.00 and we brought in $2,036.00. Our profit was therefore $728.00 to be split between the Penguins and the Rams at $364.00per team.
That being said, we could have (should have) made a lot more money. My estimate is that we had around 90 people and we wanted about 120-140 (if it was not for a very successful raffle, we might have only made about $200 per
team- thanks Jim A. ). Everyone knew that they should bring roughly four to five people in order for us to hit our goals. From the look of it Saturday night, I think that only 8-10 Penguins or Rams actually brought that amount
of people. It does us no good to just bring your wife or girlfriend or boyfriend (if you have one) to the b& b. We needed more. If all of your friends were already there, you needed to invite family and co-workers etc.
There were also too many Penguins and Rams who did not attend the event, thus we lost them and their 4 to 5 invitees. The October 1st date was set in early August, and I can only think of a handfull of excusses that are
legitimate. We did, after all, make money for you. Next year, we will most likely make it mandatory that all players sell 4 to 5 tickets.
I think that any money made is good news. And we had a fun time making it so lets put this years missed opportunity behind us and remember to do a better job next year.

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