Odds Long for Philadelphia Man in Mini-triathalon

Las Vegas – Vegas oddsmakers today announce that Mark Jenkins, owner of the local Kensington Horsehoes plant, is a 400-1 shot for winning the mini-triathalon at the shore saturday.
Mark didn’t seem too down about that. “I learned how to swim when I was a kid. Biking, too. And I like to run from the cops occasionally, so I feel good.”
What Jenkins doesn’t feel good about are his odds of suffering myocardialinfarction, or a heart attack.
Sports Radio 610 this mornining reported that oddsmakers are taking 3 to 1 odds that Jenkins has a heart attack and dies during the swim.
“that’s been a concern of mine,” said Jenkins from his make-shift office, “ever since I started training in Montreal this past April.”
For anyone wanting to wish Markus good will or ill, details for the triathlon are here (I think).

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